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  2. > Update/Changes List 09-19: - TOF Map Fixed (Tribulation) - Zeus of Life/SP Ring Gems Fixed - Dream PK Revival Skill Disabled - Bosses Respawn Fixed - Poss/Guild Atributte Fixed - Ring Gems Limit Lv6 Added - UG Gems Limit Lv9 Added - Lv95 Weapons Upgrade Stone Exchange Added (Icicle City 1344,523)
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  4. Название: Пиратия Старт Версия: 1.39 Время сервера: Московское Онлайн: 24\7 Стадия: Открытие 18.09.2021 12:00 Сайт: http://piratia-start.ru/ ВК:https://vk.com/piratia_start Прокачка по локациям Дроп - 100х Фея - 1000х Макс уровень персонажа -200 Макс уровень Феи – 300 Характеристики персонажа: Сила - 100 Ловкость - 100 Телосложение - 150 Точность - 100 Дух - 150 Особенности сервера: Рабочее 1-3 Рб Защита от RPE/WPE Защита от Ddos атак сервера Опытная и отзывчивая Администрация Доспехи & Оружие Стандартные 55-85. Далее по квестам на каждые 20 уровней (105-125-145 и тд.) Самоцветы: +4;+5;+8;+10
  5. @ Cari Project closed. Transfer to "Archive" please)
  6. Can transfer to "Archive".. Active 0, site disable. @ Cari Please)
  7. WEBSITE SERVER: https://allstars-online.com/ DISCORD: https://discord.gg/hAuPaSAewU Server Features Rates Solo Exp = 7x Party Exp = 12x Drop Rate = 8x Fairy Rate = 2000x Ship = 1x(edited) Features of side server 1. Guild will be caped to 15 players 2. IP & MAC detecting will be implement in portals and mazes 3. Daily Quest will be detecting by IP and Mac system 4. Maximum gold in inventory is 2 Billions ( be care when u using notes) 5. Gems Caped System Include - Unique & Normal lv3 - Azrael Lv2 - Chipped Lv2 - Black Dragon Lv1 - Ring & Neck Lv1 - Advanced Lv2 - Great Lv2 6. Start Package +12 set will be in Unseal Market for start ( Set is modify not like normal set you cant extract or move gems just better for leveling and catch up)(edited) MEDIUM PK TYPE SERVER
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  9. Yes, there will be no kacher and golder as written will be changed @ Cari
  10. I don't speak or read russian, next time you tag me please write it in English? However I did use the translator. You're trying to tell me that I should move this one to archive so the owner can post a new one for the new concept?
  11. Sorry for the corrections but i am not the author (DangThao). Credit Kong aka Xtacy instead. Thanks.
  12. @ Cari админ сменил концепцию сервера в архив кинь новый пост сделает.
  13. > Update/Changes List: - BD Gems Lv8 Limit Added - New NPC Exchange Added 2192,2766 - Bosses Respawn Fixed - Dungeon Map Fixed (Tribulation) - Admiral Cloak Fixed/Tradeable Option Added - PK Maps Mobs Lv1-80 Drop Changed(Lv1-80 Mob Emblem Drop Added) -> Update available on Launcher for download! - Guild Client Skin Edited - C.A Tweak Fixed
  14. @ Cari the topic is archived,there is no information and no data heard on the project is not working anymore
  15. Создание своего эффекта Строки из ItemInfo и SceneeffectInfo в соответствующие файлы. moroz12.eff и moroz12.par в Клиент/effect moroz.tga в Клиент/texture/effect И получите эффект, как на картинке) С помощью фотошопа и редактора текстовых файлов(я использовал notepad++) вы можете создать любую другую надпись. ItemInfo.txt moroz12.eff moroz12.par moroz12.tga sceneffectinfo.txt
  16. Update/Changes List 05-09: - BD Mobs Drop Changed - New PK Map Added (Chaos Dream PK 1365,537 Icicle City) - BD Scroll Exchanges NPC Added (905,3507 Shaitan City) - New Map Dungeon Added on Dream City (419,606) - News Necklaces/Rings Gems From PK Maps Bosses and Dream City Dungeon Exchanges - Admiral Cloak Exchange Added (1375,531 Icicle City) - News Bosses Added on PK Maps(Chaos Argent / Chaos Icicle / Arena Island / Dream PK) - Devil Boss Drop Changed(Corporeal Kylin Drop Added) - Demonic World NPC Exchanges Edited - News Rings/Necklaces Gems Forge Level Limit 5
  17. Hi all! I recently increased my apparel limit in game.exe/ gameserver but couldn't find the lines for the 110% effect so all the new apparels that i added aren't giving the 110% effect. I've found some lines but none of them are the 110% ones. Does anyone know which one is it? I am using 1.38 files. Thank you.
  18. > Update/Changes List -> Date: 08-30 <- - Barborosa Boss Fixed - New Balance System Added(All Classes Edited) - New Wings Exchanges Added (894,3580) Shaitan City - Aero Wings Upgrade Exchange Added (550,579) Skeletar Isle - Gems Level 8 Limit Added (Only BD Gems Lv7) - Demonic World/Dark Swamp/ Forsaken City Bosses Drops Changed(25% EXP Capsules) - DW-FC-DS-PK Maps Chests Drops Changed (1-3% EXP Capsules) - Lv95 Random Unseals Quest Fixed - Status Points Book Added (General Store NPC) NOTE: It will now be possible to have full attributes in STR/CON/AGI/ACC/SPR. - Shaitan Mirage Map Edited(Balanced Map) NOTE: All players will have the same status.
  19. Я потерял его программу в шаре, пришлось свою писать)
  20. @ Graf , кто-то подсел на Net) Кстати аналог последней был от MrSharp.
  21. + к портфолио. Программа сканирует ItemInfo.txt и ищет все функции предметов. Если они отсутствуют в ItemEffect.lua, то выводит их на экран. Также общее количество вы можете увидеть внизу.
  22. Oh ic, do you mind telling me in which code i should look up
  23. Example Launcher(ru language)
  24. Hello everyone, I recently found an old program for editing maps, maybe someone will come in handy: Download Author: MaTT
  25. Всем привет, посмотрев на форумах не нашел генератор регионов/серверов для входа в игру: Программа позволяет создавать регионы/сервера входа в клиенте, пример: Скачать программу Автор: Неизвестен
  26. Well especially now that I see my name in that line, yes, it's not right. I later figured out where it should be properly done so it works correctly. Could still be wrong and this line still work, I don't know anything about C++, but in another function I found it to work correctly.
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