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Attention from 26.07.2020 - we are making some changes to the community rules,

please be serious about reading them (it won't take long).


General bans in the community (applies to all sections / topics of our community):


       1. Insulting a member / members of the community (in any form).

       2. Posting non-public content without the consent of the author.

       3. Placing topics in a section that is not related to the topic.

       4. Placing a lot of posts - aimed at littering the topic.

       5. Placing advertisements for your projects in other people's topics (in any form).

       6. Placing advertisements of other communities without the permission of the Administration.

       7. Expand discussions in any section except Various topics.

Thank you for your attention.

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Board startup date: May 27, 2020 20:35:04
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