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  1. Hi, what is your problem ?
  2. @ Edilson , hi, give more information please. What's the files you used ?
  3. Наконец-то новый сервер в ру комьюнити, желаю Вам успехов.
  4. Thank's @ Cari : I have renamed this user, your login @ champ is free again. Topic closed.
  5. Спасибо @ Graf . Тему закрываю, переношу в архив.
  6. Hello, if you are planning to continue yesterday's topic or our yesterday's dialogue, I warned you.
  7. Тема перенесена в Тестирование.
  8. The transfer is postponed for a day.
  9. Перенос откладывается на сутки.
  10. Hello, due to the transition to the new hosting, the forum will be unavailable from 07/09/2021 08:30 (MSK) to 07/09/2021 22:00 (MSK). We apologize for the inconvenience, we hope that there will be no more interruptions with the transition to a new hosting.
  11. Все привет, в связи с переездом на новый хостинг форум не будет доступен с 09.07.2021 08:30 (МСК) по 09.07.2021 22:00 (МСК). Приносим извинения за неудобства, надеемся с переездом на новый хостинг сбоев больше не будет.
  12. If you are interested, here is the implementation of @ KONG in the source, it does not allow you to increase your skills by more than 1 unit.
  13. @ JaR , for example easy function for HandleChat: function HandleChat(role, message) if (message == "test") then local itemFairy = GetChaItem(role, 2, 1) -- Fairy slot if (itemFairy ~= nil) then ForgeItemInSlot(role, itemFairy, 5845, 9, 5846, 8, 5847, 7) SystemNotice(role, "Success: item forged.") else SystemNotice(role, "Error: There is no item in the fairy slot.") end return 0 end return 1 end There was no opportunity to test, but it should work - how exactly to pass parameters - it's up to you.
  14. Hi, @ JaR. You can use it for example via HandleChat or in any way convenient for you. The guide contains the implementation of the system, but how to add it is up to you))
  15. Thank you @ champ , account has been deleted.
  16. The topic has been moved to the source code and fixed, everyone can contribute. Thank you @ ruubi .
  17. Thank you, without each of you this community would not be worth anything.
  18. Hello @ MemberName , if you add pictures, it will be great, it is not entirely clear what system we are talking about.
  19. @ xingxing2021 , you video not work)
  20. @ Graf, действительно пора - не заметил. Сервер перенесен в раздел Стабильные - желаю успехов!
  21. Хорошая работа @ Graf - думаю это будет полезно для многих.
  22. Привет @ Graf, тебя интересует именно pdo или sqlsrv?

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