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  1. Hi all! I recently increased my apparel limit in game.exe/ gameserver but couldn't find the lines for the 110% effect so all the new apparels that i added aren't giving the 110% effect. I've found some lines but none of them are the 110% ones. Does anyone know which one is it? I am using 1.38 files. Thank you.
  2. Hi, where can i find the formulas that use FPS? I guess i should edit those lines and add a x2 on them?
  3. Hey guys, what's up? As the title says, i was wondering if anyone knows how to fix the animations when switching the values from 30 to 60fps in steadyframe.cpp. The game works at 60fps, but the animations (f.e walking/running) are way faster instead of their normal speed. Thanks in advance.
  4. Does this compiled client include the 60fps modification? i can't test it rn
  5. Hi. The thing is i Am trying to import weapon models only. I know people who were able to do do it with it. I feel like i am missing something in the exporting from 3ds and converting into lgo process
  6. I am using it but it doesn't seem to work for obj - >lgo. Is it possible? When i open the obj file in 3ds max i can see it okay.
  7. Hello everyone. I know that with so many private servers running ,there have been many apparels imported from other games. I have been searching for guides about importing models (weapons since those seem to be easier) but there isn't any so i tried to learn by myself. I know that i must get the .obj from those models with their textures and then use the php converter from obj to lgo. The problem is, once converted to lgo, i check it with the pko model viewer but nothing will show up (no materiales nor mesh vertix/index linked to it). is there any additional modification i must do in 3ds max to fix it? The .obj 3d model is shown properly in 3ds max.
  8. When i enter the ingame mall i am sent directly to the old official top mall website. Am i missing something?
  9. THis is what i found in StoneSet from CO src, i am not sure if i need to add something more.
  10. If i replace 1.3 StoneSet.cpp with CO's StoneSet.cpp, would it work in 1.3 client?
  11. There seems to be an option to add weapon effects. Does that mean that we can create new glows for +9, +13 , +5 wepons?
  12. The link is blocked by google, can you fix it?
  13. Do you know where i can find that in CO src to add it in the 1.3 src?

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