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    Whoever is using @ mkhzaleh functions above, make sure math.randomseed(os.time()) is called only once in your server files. Preferably before everything else is loaded. Calling it multiple times will defeat the randomness and random won't really be random anymore.
  2. @ In-PKO whoever @ patrick13 is, that is not myself, please delete their account and their topics/ messages. champ = myself = patrick13 at PKODev
  3. Probably not, objects disappearing probably has to do with a relatively small buffer size. As for the icons I’ve never experienced that issue but I guess it has to do with the rendering engine/ the fact that the game still uses directx 8
  4. Hi, just to ensure that everybody is aware, the recently created V3ct0r account on this forum @ V3ct0r is fake and does not actually belong to V3ct0r (he is only registered in pkodev). Please be careful whilst communicating with them.
  5. @ xingxing2021 please contact me if you're interested in working for KOP. we have a c++ role in case you're interested.
  6. почему-то память под фею освобождается после сеего действия, интресно. Спасибо за информацию.
  7. no % from sales, pay per task basis.
  8. Payment is undisclosed. I've had more than 10 different developers work for me and no one has been left unsatisfied. Work primarily includes C++ programming.
  9. ^Still relevant, KOP is constantly looking for decent devs, drop me a text for more information.
  10. Hi, KOP is looking for a part-time C++ developer, vast knowledge in C++ OOP programming is required. Feel free to PM me here or via [email protected] for more info. King of Pirates ищет С++ разработчика, нужно обширные знания и время. Для подробной информации пишите в личку или на [email protected]
  11. Hi. The beta is opening in 11 hours only. You can check that via Forums - King of Pirates
  12. Hi Guys, More than happy to announce the beta opening of King of Pirates Online. Our website can be accessed via https://kingofpirates.net Join our discord server for news and announcements: https://discord.gg/gEEEFCNvqp KOP is a hard difficulty vanilla server faithful to the traditional game with some unique features that you will only find here. General information: - x1 EXP, x1 Drop rate, x1 Fairy growth rate - Worlds: Argent City, Shaitan City, Icicle Castle - Mazes: Demonic World, Chaos Argent, Forsaken City, Dark Swamp, many more news ones! - Redesigned apparel system - Mounts - Guild system with guild quests, common attributes, levels and more - Customisable graphical user interface Hope to see you in game, champ
  13. есть. в корсарах есть дюп на море, нужно запретить все трансакции связанные с гильдиями - самый простой фикс. есть дюп с offline stalls -- пока что мне непонятный, поэтому много объяснить не могу, но могу сказать, что существует. есть дюп с нпс, случайно поставленный разработчиками. есть дюп с bag of holding. Много информации предоставить не могу, так как потратил много времени ковыряясь в коде. Самые простые фиксы - нпс, пересматривать код в корсарах и убирать изменения связанные с этим. Bag of holding - проще будет просто удалить с итеминфо, а так же вырезать из исходников, так как некоторые значения запрограммированы в .exe
  14. есть, код оптимизировать надо и найти способ сжать файл .pk до оригинального. пока что очень много других забот, как дойдут руки - поделюсь.

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