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  1. This newly added monster info view is richer and more powerful
  2. BOOL CTableCha::ChangeDBName(DWORD cha_id, const char* newName){ if (cha_id == 0) { return false; } sprintf(g_sql, "UPDATE GameDB.dbo.character SET cha_name='%s' WHERE cha_id=%d", newName, cha_id); if (strlen(g_sql) >= SQL_MAXLEN) { FILE *pf = fopen("log\\SQLsentence_length_slopover.txt", "a+"); if short sExec = exec_sql_direct(g_sql); if (!DBOK(sExec)) return true; } This code has an error... BOOL CTableCha::UpdateChatColor(DWORD cha_id, const char* color){ if (cha_id == 0) { return false; } sprintf(g_sql, "UPDATE %s SET chatColour = '%s' WHERE cha_id= %d", _get_table(), color, cha_id); if (strlen(g_sql) >= SQL_MAXLEN) { FILE *pf = fopen("log\\SQL语句长度越界.txt", "a+"); if (pf){ fprintf(pf, "%s\n\n", g_sql); fclose(pf); } return false; } short sExec = exec_sql_direct(g_sql); if (!DBOK(sExec)) { return false; } if (DBNODATA(sExec)) { return false; } return true; } Modify it so that it can be saved But the color changes, and if you use World channel or Trade channel, it becomes transparent..
  3. When I visited the bank, I was not prompted to enter PIN. I checked the source code, but I still could not find where to fix the problem. Could someone please help me?

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