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  1. Very energic and motivating music, still listen to them from time to time. its always nice to meet people with good taste of music.
  2. good old times, i used to listen to this back in the days Vintersorg, Turisas, Eluveitie, ensiferom, and many other folk/metal bands.
  3. update, still looking for someone who work whit CO source discord: Turisasx#6060
  4. thanks for your answer, im not quite sure where i can find this specific function
  5. heya! im having a small problem whit pet skills, when i teach the books to the pet in some specific orders, last skill turns into expert instead of novice, but only in appearance, it is still a novice skill and i can teach standard and expert skill but is no longer displayed on the pet, also every time when i teach novice magic skill last, it is never displayed on the pet. these combination result in displaying last skill as it were expert: Meditation, Recover, Protection or Meditation, Magic, Protection or Meditation, Berserk, Protection or Recover, Meditation, Protection or Recover, Protection, Meditation or Recover Magic Meditation or Recover Magic Protection or Recover, Berserk, Meditation. fairy.lua
  6. hello, im hearing that theres a way to dupe/crash game server by using the guild bank, anyone knows how to do it or a way to fix it? im asking about how to do it more to find a possible solution, not to exploit it somewhere else. thanks!
  7. I´m looking for someone who can work whit source files or anyone who can help me to fix some crashes and minor bugs, mostly from client side, also im interested in buying fixted versions or at least more stable version of the client. If anyone interested add me on discord for more detailed info Turisasx#6060 All payments are going trought paypal
  8. thanks for your answer, i checked both and noticed client ones was different, now both are the same but still getting DC i also noticed that i get "malformed packet from" message in GateServer.
  9. I been repeating it for a week, it happens moslty in battle zones, Outskirt of argent city, abandoned mine, Prairie Desert, Summer Island and etc. doing actions, wont happen if im inside a city or if i leave afk my char. thats how i repeat it. going to anywhere and start fighting mobs and running around.
  10. Thanks for your reply, yes, im working whit the source code, i can provide you any information, just tell me what you need to know.
  11. hello, im currently working whit this files and im getting a random disconnect for apparently, no reason. mostly when im moving in combat areas. if i leave my char afk inside or outside citys it stays on for hours. is not in a particular map, can happen in any. Takes about 45-60 min. to happen, the client dont crash just shows the "disconnected from server" windows. The client dont show any error or game server lua logs. The only report i get from the disconnect is this from "util_db.log" [07-07 14:56:27]exec_sql_direct : [update account set last_ip='',disc_reason ='Ô¶³ÌÖ÷»úÇ¿ÆȹرÕÁËÒ»¸öÏÖÓеÄÁ¬½Ó¡£',last_leave =getdate() where act_id =4] [07-07 14:56:27]exec_sql_direct [SQL]: [update character set mem_addr =0 where cha_id =5] Another error i see is this in "util_db_error.log" 15:02:25]SQL Error State:42000, Native Error Code: 66, ODBC Error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Incorrect syntax near ','.

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