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  1. WEBSITE SERVER: https://allstars-online.com/ DISCORD: https://discord.gg/hAuPaSAewU Server Features Rates Solo Exp = 7x Party Exp = 12x Drop Rate = 8x Fairy Rate = 2000x Ship = 1x(edited) Features of side server 1. Guild will be caped to 15 players 2. IP & MAC detecting will be implement in portals and mazes 3. Daily Quest will be detecting by IP and Mac system 4. Maximum gold in inventory is 2 Billions ( be care when u using notes) 5. Gems Caped System Include - Unique & Normal lv3 - Azrael Lv2 - Chipped Lv2 - Black Dragon Lv1 - Ring & Neck Lv1 - Advanced Lv2 - Great Lv2 6. Start Package +12 set will be in Unseal Market for start ( Set is modify not like normal set you cant extract or move gems just better for leveling and catch up)(edited) MEDIUM PK TYPE SERVER
  2. Hello, looking for some new features and mazes, scripts for top please contact me to discord universe#3253

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