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  1. @ Graf , кто-то подсел на Net) Кстати аналог последней был от MrSharp.
  2. Модификация Game.exe (авто-прокачка статов) 2021-08-09 14-44-50.mp4 Описание: Модификация позволяет прокачивать статы зажатием кнопки мыши, что куда удобнее простых кликов.
  3. Фикс GameServer.exe (исправление бага трансформации). 2021-07-26 01-18-26.mp4 Описание: Модификация исправляет баг с пропаданием шапки у персонажа после трансформации.
  4. Hi, need use function GetExp_PKM( dead , atk ) in file exp_and_level.lua
  5. Hello, textures are edited with Photoshop, the easiest way to see all the effects is to call them through lua with the PlayEffect function.
  6. Hi, there is no such manual in the public domain, you need to do it yourself or buy it.
  7. Hi @ JaR , if you talk about corsair source code, you have function GetItemQuantity(item). Implementation function HasStone(character, stoneID, stoneLv, stoneCount) for you:
  8. Модификация Game.exe (отображение дополнительных параметров). Описание: Модификация позволяет отобразить дополнительные параметры: ID, Шанс Крита, Скорость Бега и т.д.
  9. Модификация Game.exe (добавление визуализации 3-го уровня ларька). Описание: Модификация позволяет разнообразить отображение 3-го уровня ларька.
  10. Hello everyone, many have already asked to share pictures of standard characters (for the base, guides, etc.) without a logo. Download archive
  11. Всем привет, уже многие просили поделиться картинками стандартных персонажей (для базы, гайдов и т.д.) без логотипа. Скачать архив
  12. Everything is possible - we rest only on the capabilities of the developers. For myself, I will be happy to consider interesting ideas.
  13. Hi @ ThisPaquetitoForYou , the main mistake people make is that they thoughtlessly change 30 frames by 60, but don't worry about formulas that use FPS
  14. Бесплатная модификация движка для клиента (исправление вылета при создании скриншота в расширении выше 1024px). Отдельную благодарность выражаю @ 1g0rS1lv4 , за напоминание об уязвимости и в поиске ее решения. Скачать исправление
  15. You write some kind of nonsense, I don't understand you and I don’t understand what kind of mess you’re talking about.
  16. @ wolfen My protection is on many servers and everyone was happy, I am not asking you to buy my shit as you put it, so why the hell are you buying such bad software from such a terrible person?
  17. If you are stupid and could not understand my explanation - I attach a video. 2021-05-22 23-44-05.mp4
  18. If you are dumb I can make a video for you)
  19. Once again, after packing the file, Windows Defender detects the file as a Trojan.
  20. Dear friend, do not get involved in other people's business. In principle, our deal does not concern either you or those people whom he added and even accused. But since you have such a question. I really accidentally sent him a trojan file, it happened by accident after using UPX Before compression: After compression: The fact that a person distributes my files to you deprives him of all my support in the future. Who have I deceived? I always warn you about working conditions, if someone does not understand them or does not comply, it is not my fault! To summarize: you dirtied my topic, attracted a bunch of people and started swearing, and that you proved nothing good, your friend violated the terms of our agreement and despite this I still gave him the promised files.
  21. Модификация Game.exe (ограничение перетаскивания предметов для использования (связано с багами)). 2021-05-13 12-22-17.mp4 Описание: Система позволяет задать типы предметов, которые можно перетаскивать для использования.
  22. Hey @ xingxing2021 , whichever format you want to create this in, players are most used to seeing it in the game.

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