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  1. It make by MFC,can control many game windows in the same time. It can use in any game ,not do with server or client. It send window message to game windows to control game auto play, use skill and use items.
  2. We develop a pko/top Champion Auxiliary tool use the Champoin skill Howl to auto play and seat down. It can use items by secend times.
  3. We develop TOP inside Game.exe auto play tool. It can auto kill the monsters itself. and auto use job skills,auto pick items,auto use items, look the monsters info etc. Special,it inside the Game.exe,compile together,not hook with dll. It is very simple and safe. Not kill by Antivirus software. It can auto kill monsters itself when you in work or in sleep. So good.
  4. go to this web link, it is offical website [Hidden Content]
  5. We develop a talent skills system like the Chinese Offical Server. It can add many character attribute and it can do effect on other players. It can change skin on 1.38 or on 2.0,so good.
  6. client running,it need login use game accout. it develop on chinese language. in developing,not finish.
  7. thanks very much. we make it with c++ program. it has server and client, not rely on the pko game,run itself,but read the game database.
  8. where did you see it,can share us a link ?
  9. many game has this item market,like the game shop,but it can trade between player,not only buy from system,but from other player. when you go to work,not in the game,it also can sell your item in the offline market. it is usefull.
  10. we plan to develop a offline trade system for pko ,it not need to login game ,not need to stall selling in the city. it can buy item when you are killing boss or doing others,it is good idea.
  11. I do not know why the pc can not see it,but android mobile phone navigator can see the video.
  12. please see our demo video, very nice tool ! hdw-1.mp4
  13. @ White It is developed by Chinese . A chinese c++ programmer , He is a pko deep player. He develope many pko tools by Chinese, eg. Item Editor,IP Changer,GM general edit tool,DB password decry tool , tga decry tool , and so many.

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