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  1. I don't speak or read russian, next time you tag me please write it in English? However I did use the translator. You're trying to tell me that I should move this one to archive so the owner can post a new one for the new concept?
  2. Cari

    Create Chest

    @ Graf the image you uploaded doesn't seem to work. Is it only on my side?
  3. After a chat with the administrator we decided to move these kind of topics to Various topics as they do not belong in here, since you are not sharing any kind of source code. I'll move the three existing topics. Please refrain from posting these kind of things here, just for show off, instead of posting them in Various topics (here: [Hidden Content])
  4. For all we know it they're posts just for show-off, and he did not release any other thing except screenshots. Maybe it's something that they are supporting in their server/community.
  5. Hey! I think you should post these in the Client modifications section instead of the Server source. [Hidden Content]
  6. Oh my god! I absolutely love how it sounds Thank you for the recommendation!
  7. Oh, I used to listen to a bit of Korn until I found Disturbed, then I became obsessed with them for like 4-5 years. Good band!
  8. I'm so proud of myself for the fact that I know every one of the songs you shared. Great taste!
  9. That's amazing! New ways for casuals like me to spend time and seem busy to hardcore players so we don't get judged. @[email protected]
  10. Hello beautiful people! I love listening to music. A lot. I think I'm listening to music whenever I'm doing anything. Anyway, here's a classical and extremely common forum idea: share your cool songs! Whatever music you listen to, share your favourite songs with us here! I'll go first: Zayaz - Chicane Scandroid - Neo Tokyo Both of them are synthwave. I think I have a synthwave addiction issue.
  11. If I am not mistaken that is an intended feature, not a bug, and if my mind doesn't fail me the size is somewhere calculated in the new Lua scripts from CO.
  12. For 2., I see. I had no idea this is how it works. Well. maybe someone can take some inspiration from that and come up with something neat and entertaining to do while wasting time in-game. Hopefully this topic will help with a lot of ideas once more players post their ideas in it.
  13. @ In-PKO /@ Snail considering the server is now in beta, shouldn't this be moved in testing?
  14. Hello beautiful people! The purpose of this topic is for us, players, to discuss and share ideas that we would love to see implemented in servers. I think these kind of topics are quite common, however, the developers and server owners can maybe take some inspiration and ideas from the replies here. What I'd love to see in a server: (note, I'm a casual PvE player and I absolutely suck at PvP) definitely something more PvE orientated, like random invasions of monsters (or pirates!) that appear randomly. The rewards for killing them can be gold, items, IMPs, really anything. the invasion spawn would be randomized so people can't just sit and farm the same spot. player-specific islands. It's like a housing system, but instead of that each player can have his own instance of an island (can buy in-game, or reward from quest). You can bring your friends around and sit and talk privately without being disturbed. Maybe also make it an area where you can challenge to PvP and fight there for those who like to waste time and smack each other, and a small area for PvE combat where the island owner can summon sand bags. Highly important note: I have no idea if what I suggested is possible to be implemented in the game. It's just random ideas shared that can maybe give some inspiration.
  15. Indeed, indeed! Have you heard about Rotting Christ? They're among my favourites right now. Oh, and Iced Earth too! You should try them, maybe you'll like them. I recommend Rotting Christ - Heaven and Hell and Fire and Iced Earth - Cthulhu Ooh, haven't listened to Imagine Dragons in a while. Not bad.
  16. Oh, my. I totally forgot Ensiferum exists! Funnily enough, Token of Time was my favourite song back then, after I learned that my then-favourite band Norther's singer went to Ensiferum, and I started listening to them.
  17. Hellooo~ As the long title of the post says, let's share some music we used to listen back in the days when playing on the TOP/PKO official servers. I used to listen to a lot of Disturbed, mostly Pain Redefined.
  18. A small suggestion to @ ruubi and/or @ In-PKO : What do you say about updating the topic title to include that this is a repository for Corsairs files?
  19. I think this is the correct section for this kind of topics: [Hidden Content]
  20. As you can see, today in-PKO is one year old~ Happy birthday, in-pko, and may your boards in the next years be full of awesome servers and developers!
  21. Nah it's not Billy/7n6. I have no idea who told my friend about the Auction House, but I tried to help the conversation by stating that a Lua AH is doable.
  22. Hey, I've seen examples of it in private messages, last year or so I think, from a friend who was, at that time, actively trying to run a server and he kept showing me random stuff that he found. He never got to implement the Auction House. As far as I know he's seen it at a friend of his or something, but I do recall that he said it was a lua-based addon.
  23. So you mean something like World of Warcraft's Auction House? Didn't someone develop this some time ago? I do remember seeing an auction-house type of thing.

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