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Dear friends! Welcome to the official page of TalesOfPirates.net!
The game will open on 29th of October at 6:00 PM (GMT+3)
A stable game with a high online awaits you!
Make sure to register an account before the launch of the game and get bonuses at the start!


3 easy steps to get ready today!

Server Rates:
Max Player Level: 70
Max Fairy Level: 41
Solo Exp - x2 (Party exp is also x2, but make sure to count the negative scaling per each party member)
Drop rate - x1
Fairy growth - x4
Ship Exp - you won't need exp - 1 level - 750.000 gold

Current Available Maps:
Forsaken City - 30-45 lvl: Starting 12 pm server time and every 3 hours (12-3-6-9)
Dark Swamp - 45-55 lvl: Starting 12 pm server time and every 3 hours (12-3-6-9)
Demonic World - 50+ lvl: Starting 12 pm server time and every 3 hours (12-3-6-9)
Chaos Argent -  2:00 am; 2:00 pm; 8:00 pm - First CA opening is planned for 31th October 8:00 pm

Real money prize funds for first boss kills in the server:
1. Jack - Black Sail - 50$
2. Wandering Soul - 50$
3. Snowman Warlord - 50$
4. Huge Mud Monster - 50$
5. Death Knight - 50$
6. Winning first CA - 100$
7. Black Dragon - 500$ (Dragon will spawn after 1 month since the game is opened)

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