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Welcome to the Pirate King Online family!


The purpose of creating this community is the desire to unite the Eng & Ru audience, exchange experience and

оf course communication, we want to unite Players, Administrators and Developers in one big family.


Each of you is a big contribution to the family, and without each of you it's just a forum, we want to build warmth relations

between all participants and joint work on your favorite game, development and transfer of experience.


Each of your contributions to the community accelerates its development, in the near future we plan to gather an audience

and fill out the forum if you are not indifferent to the life of the project - we encourage you to take part in it, to be part of it.


What opportunities do you get:

  • The ability to advertise your projects for free.
  • The ability to receive free / paid assistance as soon as possible.
  • The opportunity to gain new knowledge, dating and exchange experiences.
  • Ability to keep in touch between players and administrators.


Each of you knows projects that have achieved something, for someone online 100 is the ultimate dream,

and for someone 1000 is not the ceiling, we plan to share our experience with you and help in the development of projects.


Alone in the field is not a warrior, only together we can come to something really worthwhile,

we will always help you, and you decide whether to lend a helping hand in return!


If our approach is close to you and you want to get a new experience, make new friends,

and most importantly work with them on your favorite projects - we are glad to see you and welcome to the family...

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